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History & Purpose

Evergreen Christian Counseling was launched in January of 2001 as the counseling resource of Northeast Christian Church.  It became a stand-alone resource in 2004. Our focus: To help individuals, couples and families become all that they were intended to be.  Now in our 20th year of private practice, we've provided over 25,000 services to adults and children struggling in all areas of life. Helping to preserve marriages and keep families intact is a vital emphasis of our practice.  


We've been privileged to serve hundreds of couples in crisis. We've assisted children who are dealing with academic or behavioral issues or who are reeling in the wake of their parents' divorce.  In every case, we make it our purpose to help hurting people find relief, solutions to life's problems and to develop a closer connection to the God who equips us to do life and relationships far better than we could ever do on our own. In November 2021 we lost our President, Owner, and Director of Counseling Services.  For over 17 years Dan Blanchard helped families reach their relationship, personal, and spiritual goals.  He will be missed by many and leaves an incredible legacy that Evergreen Christian Counseling is committed to continuing.  "One Life. One Relationship. One Family. At a Time."


Our staff holds specialized certifications and advanced degrees in clinical fields and pastoral studies. And has extensive experience in all things life and family. We are committed to the concept that our clients/families are best served by treating them holistically. We believe that humans are "four dimensional beings."  Therefore, if people are to recover and heal and grow, they must heal and become healthy in mind, heart, body and soul.   

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